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BMW F800R 2014 Walk-around

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Everyone has a different purpose for their bikes and that’s what really shapes our opinions and reviews. And every bike has its known flaws. And every bike has its unique “break” – after doing research using other reviewers and forums, I found that there are some nice and not so nice thing about this bike. Of course, I have heard problem of vibration from the engine that haunts this model. To be on the positive side, take it as its own character.

Again, don’t take this all too seriously – this is one rider’s impression. I have been riding smaller cc bikes and I’m sure as hell no expert in bigger bikes. But I am sold on this Beemer and will likely have her in my stable for a while!! Just my two cents.

Here are the video taken soon after receiving it from BMW Motorrad Cyberjaya

BMW F800R 2014 walk-around

Akrapovic sound


Fuel tank


Author: Shamsul

Work as civil servant, administer management of condominium, love bikes and promote public transportation

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