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General Specs of BMW F800R

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I start this blog with detail specs and price of the bike. It comes with two years warranty and free lubricant service.

It’s definitely the hottest generation of roadsters since the BMW K 1300 R. Dominance from the very first yard – a perfect combination of pure riding fun and excellent suitability for everyday use. After its model revision, the F 800 R is just as sexy as it was before – and the 798 cc 2-cylinder engine is as punchy as ever. The masculine design and minimalist lines offer highly attractive purism.

The familiar, highly economical parallel twin continues to offer superb enjoyment. 86 Nm of torque is an outstanding figure in this class of motorcycle, as is 87 bhp. In particular because this power is available across a perfectly linear engine speed range – in other words rideability and riding fun across the board; here the BMW F 800 R offers a breadth of performance which pleases experienced riders just as it does beginners.

Weighing in at just 177 kg with ergonomics which provide a perfect fit for everyone, a clean, crisp suspension and perfectly balanced geometry: the F 800 R embodies uncompromising style that everyone loves to ride – BMW Motorrad






Author: Shamsul

Work as civil servant, administer management of condominium, love bikes and promote public transportation

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