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I was given three days unlimited mileage to test the bike. Coincidentally, Kelantan International Bike Week (KIBW) 2014 was held on 26-27 September 2014.

I planned my route to test capability of the bike as well as riding it for fun. On Saturday, 27 September, I rode all the way to Kota Bharu with an hour rest at Gua Musang.

8.30 am – I stopped at BHP near Gombak Toll. This is regular starting point for bikers heading east. At that time, there was a group of 50 bikers heading to Taman Negara. They passed through me and I got that “Cool Bike Bro…” look from them.

9.00 am-I got the chance to overtake them and wave back J

10.15 am – The fuel gauge showed full bar. However, I must refuel and stopped at Petronas Raub. Filled up half tank before continue with my ride. Outside temperature is around 24⁰C.

10.50 am – Not that far from Raub, I stopped at Benta. The road was manageable with few vehicles. Now, the temperature is 30⁰C. FYI, this is the first time I ride a superbike. Remarkably, I enjoyed the torque and power of this beemer around corner and whilst overtaking cars and lorries. Mid-range power is powerful and smooth. You don’t have to downshift to a lower gear to gain more power to overtake. I did it at sixth gear and easily overtake several cars.

12.30 pm – Phewww. The temperature is 35⁰C in mid-day. This stretch of the road is very demanding with uneven roads, tight corners and overtaking several bigger lorries.

Ride-refuel-ride-hungry-stop-rest-eat. I must stop now for lunch and rest.

I must praise BMW ABS system for both front and rear brakes. They work tirelessly to keep me safe. I had few moments where the ABS stopped the BMW smoothly without losing control of the bike. I heard tyre screeching and all I knew is that ABS done the rest. Quick response from both Brembo brakes help to the complete stop situation.


Here are some pictures of the ABS installed on BMW.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

1.30 pm – Continue my journey towards Kota Bharu. Roads are very challenging and require my full attention. I did not take many photos because need to arrive in KB as early as possible. I need to catch up with my group called Freerider. They arrived a day earlier to attend KIBW 2014.

4.40pm – Welcome to Kota Bharu, Kelantan. A quick selfie with beemer. Overall, 430 km in 6.5 hours with sore butts. Ya, I did it alone. Ride safe. That kind of experience – PRICELESS.



Author: Shamsul

Work as civil servant, administer management of condominium, love bikes and promote public transportation

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