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BMW R1200GS and S1000XR

BMW Motorrad on Tour roadshow picked this famous place among locals and bikers to show off the R 1200 GS, S1000XR, S1000R and R Nine T. Their tour started on 13 until 14 August 2016 from 8.30am to 5.00pm.

Lemang To’ Ki Bentong was flooded with Motorrad owners and enthusiasts to enjoy the food and test rides. I have some details and specs for R1200 GS and S1000XR on brochures. Prices were updated as at 1st April 2016 as shown in the last picture.

BMWIMG_20160822_0003 IMG_20160822_0004IMG_20160822_0001IMG_20160822_0002 IMG_20160822_0005

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The Journey Back…

This is the route taken back to Kuala Lumpur.

We started our journey early at 9 am. I joined the convoy back to Kuala Lumpur with five of my friends from Freerider. They are Azlan, Nazeri, Kuchai Pomen, Zack and Ku Ah Lee.


We are good to go.

Steady bro Azlan and Nazeri. Pacakkk!!! Me, calculating some loose change back there.

Keropok Lekor with cheese. Marvellous. Stop here if you pass thru Seberang Takir.

Lunch at 3.20 pm………..warggghhh semua sudah lapar.

We continued towards Tasik Kenyir. Tasik Kenyir or Kenyir Lake is an artificial lake located in the state of Terengganu in northeast Malaysia created in 1985 by the damming of the Kenyir River to create the Sultan Mahmud Power Station. It is the largest man-made lake in South East Asia.

We endured heavy rain for 45 minutes or so before we left Tasik Kenyir. From there, we took smaller route Felda Aring towards Gua Musang. It is a small roads where you will encounter big lorries transporting palm oil kernel to the processing factory.

This stretch has uneven roads with potholes, sometimes in the middle of the road. And also a bumpy and dusty roads with gravels flying towards you. Shock absorber of BMW is superb. Steady handling where there is no wobbling or swaying of the bike. ABS kicked in several time helping me in braking.

Quite surprising because my friends keep asking about the rough ride they had. I just replied, BMW is a German engineering- potholes is no problem. Ya… Ya… Ya…we know that 🙂

We caught up with one big group of bikers heading to KL at Petronas Felda Kechau. Time to stretch my back and have some drink.

Finally, arrived at Gombak toll at 1.30 am. No untoward incident happen. Time to say goodbye because we are going to different destination.

Many thanks to Azlan, Kuchai Pomen, Nazeri, Zack and Ku Ah Lee. You are all good riding partner. I enjoyed the ride.

Thanks BMW Motorrad Malaysia. You made my day, at least for three days.


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The Journey

I was given three days unlimited mileage to test the bike. Coincidentally, Kelantan International Bike Week (KIBW) 2014 was held on 26-27 September 2014.

I planned my route to test capability of the bike as well as riding it for fun. On Saturday, 27 September, I rode all the way to Kota Bharu with an hour rest at Gua Musang.

8.30 am – I stopped at BHP near Gombak Toll. This is regular starting point for bikers heading east. At that time, there was a group of 50 bikers heading to Taman Negara. They passed through me and I got that “Cool Bike Bro…” look from them.

9.00 am-I got the chance to overtake them and wave back J

10.15 am – The fuel gauge showed full bar. However, I must refuel and stopped at Petronas Raub. Filled up half tank before continue with my ride. Outside temperature is around 24⁰C.

10.50 am – Not that far from Raub, I stopped at Benta. The road was manageable with few vehicles. Now, the temperature is 30⁰C. FYI, this is the first time I ride a superbike. Remarkably, I enjoyed the torque and power of this beemer around corner and whilst overtaking cars and lorries. Mid-range power is powerful and smooth. You don’t have to downshift to a lower gear to gain more power to overtake. I did it at sixth gear and easily overtake several cars.

12.30 pm – Phewww. The temperature is 35⁰C in mid-day. This stretch of the road is very demanding with uneven roads, tight corners and overtaking several bigger lorries.

Ride-refuel-ride-hungry-stop-rest-eat. I must stop now for lunch and rest.

I must praise BMW ABS system for both front and rear brakes. They work tirelessly to keep me safe. I had few moments where the ABS stopped the BMW smoothly without losing control of the bike. I heard tyre screeching and all I knew is that ABS done the rest. Quick response from both Brembo brakes help to the complete stop situation.


Here are some pictures of the ABS installed on BMW.

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1.30 pm – Continue my journey towards Kota Bharu. Roads are very challenging and require my full attention. I did not take many photos because need to arrive in KB as early as possible. I need to catch up with my group called Freerider. They arrived a day earlier to attend KIBW 2014.

4.40pm – Welcome to Kota Bharu, Kelantan. A quick selfie with beemer. Overall, 430 km in 6.5 hours with sore butts. Ya, I did it alone. Ride safe. That kind of experience – PRICELESS.


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How Much Does It Cost For Fuel?

This BMW model has a different fuel tank which is on the right side of the bike. It has 16 L fuel tank. You have to get off from the bike to refuel. Normal fuel tank sits at the front. As for your own safety, do not refuel when you are on the bike.

I did some calculation to determine the cost of fuel during this ride. My journey was combination of urban area, small town, highway, major roads, secondary roads and palm oil plantation roads. My speed ranges between different type of roads and number of vehicles at that time. I used RON95 fuel which was sold at RM2.10 (before 2 October 2014 increase of 20 cents). The exchange rate for Malaysia Ringgit (MYR) to US Dollar is at RM3.25 during that weekend. I exchanged ringgit to dollar as comparison. My height is about 174 cm or 5′ 8″ and weight 77 kg or 170 pound.

Date Refuelling Station




27/9/2014 Petronas Raub




27/9/2014 Shell Kuala Krai




28/9/2014 Petronas Kok Lanas




28/9/2014 Shell Wakaf Mempelam




28/9/2014 Shell Gua Musang




29/9/2014 Petronas Genting Sempah








Total mileage (km)




Fuel per km travelled (ringgit/dollar/litre)




Fuel consumption per 100 km at constant 90 km/h 3.6 L
Fuel consumption per 100 km at constant 120 km/h 4.8 L


According to BMW Motorrad, this bike consumes 3.6 L or 4.8 L of fuel per 100 km depending on your speed. On average, my journey consumed 3.84 L per 100 km which is not bad at all. I am not comparing its fuel consumption with others. Just making a comparison to what it claims to perform.

It was 548 km the day I received it. I travelled 1372 km and now it’s due for first service (a small reminder appeared on top of the mileage done).

There are digital displays for gear level, time, outside temperature, fuel and engine temperature. Fuel bar does not change much with the fuel remains but it will tell you when the tank is half empty or zero. I refueled when it is half emptied just because I do not want to be out-of-fuel with a new BMW bike. Most of the time, the digital temperature gauge stayed at the same level indicating appropriate engine temperature. During stop at traffic intersection, the radiator fan starts to kick in keeping temperature stable. Overall, quite decent display but BMW can improve. It is missing few digital info such as battery voltmeter and fuel/mileage to empty.

When it rains, all the display get really difficult to read. The backlight is not helping much of the digital display. I took several photos after succeeding heavy rain for an hour.

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BMW F800R 2014 Walk-around

Everyone has a different purpose for their bikes and that’s what really shapes our opinions and reviews. And every bike has its known flaws. And every bike has its unique “break” – after doing research using other reviewers and forums, I found that there are some nice and not so nice thing about this bike. Of course, I have heard problem of vibration from the engine that haunts this model. To be on the positive side, take it as its own character.

Again, don’t take this all too seriously – this is one rider’s impression. I have been riding smaller cc bikes and I’m sure as hell no expert in bigger bikes. But I am sold on this Beemer and will likely have her in my stable for a while!! Just my two cents.

Here are the video taken soon after receiving it from BMW Motorrad Cyberjaya

BMW F800R 2014 walk-around

Akrapovic sound


Fuel tank