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BMW R1200GS and S1000XR

BMW Motorrad on Tour roadshow picked this famous place among locals and bikers to show off the R 1200 GS, S1000XR, S1000R and R Nine T. Their tour started on 13 until 14 August 2016 from 8.30am to 5.00pm.

Lemang To’ Ki Bentong was flooded with Motorrad owners and enthusiasts to enjoy the food and test rides. I have some details and specs for R1200 GS and S1000XR on brochures. Prices were updated as at 1st April 2016 as shown in the last picture.

BMWIMG_20160822_0003 IMG_20160822_0004IMG_20160822_0001IMG_20160822_0002 IMG_20160822_0005

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